More wedding pics

OH IO This is done wherever and whenever a Buckeye visits another state, well these guys keep this tradition anyway, so the wedding was no different!
This is where they were collecting sand in a heat shaped bottle to save as a remembrance.
During the ceremony

It isn't hot, but it's not a foot of snow either!

This is the newly married couple on Fragnista Beach in Destin, Florida, on Valentines day. It ended up being about 55, but it was windy and felt pretty cool....still, we found out that Ohio was sitting in about 13" of accumulated snow. I'll take cool on the beach ANYDAY!
This is my Son and his soon to be wife, the day before the wedding, on Crystal Beach. Today was in the mid to high 40's, but Ohio was hit with a bad storm and is expecting almost a foot of snow before the night is over! Oh so glad to be here! This is Crystal Beach in Destin, Florida, our first day here. A bit cold (40 and windy), a bit overcast, but still very beautiful, and MUCH, MUCH better than the 4"-6" of snow that we left at home, in Ohio.
The happy couple is now on a cruise in the Bahamas and we are waiting for the warmer weather we are promised later this week! Meanwhile, Ohio is due some more snow tomorrow and again this coming weekend. I certainly will HATE the drive home to all that snow!!