Spring is Here

Spring has sprung, which in Ohio means that one day it is beautiful, sunny and eighty degrees and the next it is cold, wet, dreary, and forty! For those of you familiar, you know this is no exaggeration! This AM we actually had frost on the ground, but at least today is sunny and it is supposed to be back to seventy tomorrow.
No matter the current weather wherever you are, one thing is for certain, summer is just around the corner on our side of the globe. This means that NOW is the time to be thinking about properly caring for those neglected feet. You know the ones! Those rough, nasty looking heels, and those dried out ankles and foot tops! It will soon be time to don those pretty, skimpy, sexy, sandles you got on sale at the end of last season and you want to look good doing it, don't you?
To prepare your skin and get your feet ready for their big summer shoe debut, check out my all natural foot paste, or my wonderful heel and elbow cream, which does wonders healing those dry cracks and callouses. You should also check out my organic orange body scrub so that you can get rid of all that dead, dry, nasty winter skin and get your whole self ready for the skimpy clothes of summer !!!