My Shops and Interests

Unique Treat Dog Bones offers all natural dog treats and some herbal grooming supplies.  All of the treats are made without sugar or added salt, and are baked to order. They are generally shipped within 24-48 hours from the time they are removed from the oven. All treats are taste tested and certified paw-lickin good by Dallas, Lucky and Gizmo!

uniqueXpression  contains handcrafted jewelry and crafts. Most of my jewelry is made with graded gemstones,  sterling silver, and  Swarovski crystals. I also offer several value corner pieces, aka affordable costume jewelry.
My jewelry is unique, made up of one of a kind pieces, yet quite affordable. uniqueXpression  is affordable elegance!

Unique Garden Essences is currently hosted on, along with my other shops, but will be moved to its own site in the near future. I also have several other Unique garden store fronts on various other sites. This shop, however, is my home base.

The Creative Animal Relief  is a group of animal loving Artisans who have grouped together to raise funds to benefit various animal charities. CAR, as we call it, began as an offshoot of the street team EFA, Etsy for Animals. When EFA closed its store front a few of us really missed that venue, and wanted one like it, thus CAR was born. One big difference between EFA and Car is that CAR is not a street team, nor is it a part of Etsy. Car is a stand alone organization and its Artisan members are from every venue, and from all over the world.
Car has a guild on Artfire, a page on Face Book, a group on Flickr and a Twitter presence. You do not need to be a member of CAR to interact with us on these sites, so check us out! We are always looking for volunteers, so please contact CAR if you are interested in helping animals!