Tis the Season

Tis past the season for my computer to be fixed, yet it still sits on a shelf somewhere. I certainly hope that Santa has an elf or two to see his way to clear to put a computer fix on my horizon, but til then, I am having to list the Neat-O shops all together again. I am sooooooooo sorry, but the new year will bring new posts, I am determined!!!!!!!!!

Til then, Merry Christmas or merry whatever you celebrate, but for me and my house, we are celebrating the birth of our Lord! I hope that all of you and yours have a blessed season and remember the reason for that season! While giving of yourself is certainly not limited to one day or even one month, this is the time to remember why we do what we do, and to consider whom we are doing it all for. So peace, love and joy to you all! I also wish happiness and health to everyone for the coming new year!

Due to Christmas, there will only be 4 days of promoting this week, here are those companies; Monday- www.bluetricycle.etsy.com Tuesday- www.pearlsquiltedcrafts.etsy.com Saturday- www.npsunshine.etsy.com Sunday- www.bythewayside.etsy.com

Hi Everyone, I am still disconnected from the world, with mty computer in the shop. I have borrowed this one for a few minutes to list the Neat-O shops for the week, please be sure and check them out! I will, hopefully, have my computer back this week sometime! Even if not, I will have access to one long enough to post a time or two later this week, so please be patient with me! I never would have believed that I would be so computer dependant, but look at me now! lol.

Anywho, ya'll have a great week and I promise to get you something new to read by Wednesday! Thanks for all your well wishes and keep on prayin' for a speedy and inexpensive fix for my computer will ya?! Lol, thanks!

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