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6/21/11 Frankly Spealing Friday- Jewel Weed

www. altnature,com


6/3/11 Frankly Speaking Friday-Dead Sea Salts and Mud

"Dead Sea Balneotherapy in Osteoarthritis", Dr. Machtey (Hasharon 

Hospital, Petach-Tikya, Isreal). " Published in Proceedings of 

International Seminar on Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases", John 

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www.mountain rose

5/27/11 Frankly Speaking Friday-Exotic Oils Cont.- Wheat Germ oil  - Wheat germ oil, cereal germ, and health food

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5/18/11 What's Happening Wednesday-Exotic Oils Cont.-Shea Oil

5/17/11 Teaching Tuesdays-Exotic Oils Cont.-Sesame Seed Oil 

5/13/11 Frankly Speaking Friday-Exotic Oils Cont.-Sea Buckthorn Oil

5/10/11 Teaching Tuesdays-Exotic Oils Cont.- Rosehip Seed Oil

5/6/11 Frankly Speaking Friday-Exotic Oils Cont.-Pumpkin Seed Oil

5/3/11 Teaching Tuesday-Soaking In Info About Bathing

The Wellness Center's Spa at Home, by Kalia Doner
Readers Digest Bathing for Health, Beauty and Relaxation by Eva Gizowska
The Natural Bath and Beauty Book by Casey Kelar

4/27/11 What's Up Wednesday-Exotic Oils Cont.-Pomegranate Seed Oil




4/26/11 Teaching Tuesday-Exotic Oils Cont.-Plum Kernel Oil

4/25/11 Make It Yourself Monday-Cleaning Recipes

4/21/11 Frankly Speaking Friday-Exotic Oils- Meadowfoam Seed Oil

4/19/11 Teaching Tuesday-Exotic Oils Cont.- Monoi monoi-oil-benefits. monoi-oil-benefits

4/7/11 Frankly Speaking Friday- Exotic oils, Cont. Neem Seed Oil

4/5/11 What's Up Wednesday0 Exotic oils, Macadamia nut oil

3/31/11 Frankly Speaking Friday soapmaing oils

3/29 /11 Teaching Tuesday- Exotic Oils- Kokum Oil

smallflower- kokoum butter 

Mountain rose herbs- kokoum butter 

starwest-botanicals- kokum butter


fromnaturewithlove- kokoum butter

the chemisty store- kokum butter

3/25/11 Frankly Speaking Friday- Exotic Oils-Illipe Butter ILLIPE

mountainrose herbs- illipe butter 

Cech, Richo, Making Plant Medicine, Third Edition

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3/22/11 Teaching Tuesday-Jojoba Oil Sebaceous_gland jojoba oil (International Jojoba Export Councel) jojoba jojoba jojoba-oil-not-really-oil

jojobacompany,com oil

Mountain Rose Herbs- jojoba oil product page

3/18/11 Frankly Speaking Friday- Hemp and Hemp Seed Oil, hempseed1, hempseed2 Hemp hempnutrition

mountainrose Herbs- Hemp -hemp-seed-nutritional-value-and-thoughts 

3/16/11 What's Up Wednesday- Exotic Oils Cont. - Emu Oil emu emu-oil-benefits anti-aging/get-softer-and-younger-skin-with-emu-oil.shtml

3/15/11 Teaching Tuesdays-  Exotic Oils Cont.- Evening Primrose Oil Oenothera -Evening Primrose evening primrose (the national center for complementary and alternative health care 

3/11/11 Frankly Speaking Friday-Exotic Oils Cont.-Calendula Oil

Cech, Richo, Making Plant Medicine, Third Edition

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supplement use in cancer care: Help or harm. - calendula oilbenefits calendula medlineplus- calendula page page -calendula page benefits-calendula-oil Medicinal-Benefits-of-Calendula health/diet-nutrition/articles

3/8/11 Teaching Tuesday- Exotic Oils Cont. Camelia Oil  Abstract; The Benefits and Side Effects of Different Vegetable Oil Vectors on 

Apoptosis, Oxidative Stress, and P2X7 Cell Death Receptor Activation - Unique properties of camelia oil page Minor vegetable oils  -camelina sativa -camelian oil product info page - camelina in Montana page camelina oil recipes page camelina oil product page

3/4/11 Frankly Speaking Friday- Exotic Oils Cont. Borage Seed Oil

Price, Len Carrier Oils for Aromatherapy and Massage, 1999
Wikipedia-  Borage Seed Oil Borage Seed Oil Product page Borage Seed Oil Product page
Mountain Rose Herbs.come- Borage Seed Oil product page
Suite Borage Seed Oil Benefits & Properties page

3/2/11 What's up Wednesday- More Exotic Oils, Baobab

References   Baobab oil product page  Baobab oil product page  Baobab product page
FromNatureWithLove    Baobab oil product page  Baobab page    multiple info pages

3/1/11 Teaching Tuesdays - Exotic Oils For Skin Care, Babassu

SoapGoods UTbe Video- All about Babassu Oil
Squiddo-Babassu Oil oils chart Babassu Oil

Teaching Tuesday- Words and Phrases You Need to Know


The following are all from the internet, although the print form is also available;
CPSC Gov/Business Info
FDA- Cosmetics/Product and Ingredient Safety
FDA- Cosmetics
FDA- Cosmetic Safety: More Complex Than at First Blush
FDA- Guidance for Industry: Labeling
FDA- Cosmetic Labeling & Label Claims

Wholesale Supplies Plus, Video; FDA

FDA- the Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act
FDA- Fair Packaging and Labeling Act
FDA- Transparency Basics- How is the Term "Organic" Regulated

USDA- Organic Labeling and Marketing Information and the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA) 

Teaching Tuesday- Anise Seed, the Licorice Scented Herb;


Carminative: An agent that prevents or relieves gas in the gastrointestinal tract and, in infants, may help in the treatment of colic.
Diuretic: Anything that promotes the formation of urine by the kidneys.
Emmenagogue: A drug or agent that hastens or induces menstrual flow.
Expectorant: A medication that helps bring up mucus and other material from the lungs, bronchi, and trachea.

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Make it yourself Monday- Protein Face Mask

Bardey, C., Secrets of the Spas, Black Dog Leventhal 1999
Teaching Tuesday- A Rose is A Rose, but an Absolute is Only a Scent

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