Reference Materials

The Good Earth Bath, Beauty & Health Book by Casey Keller is an awesome book full of recipes that you can easily, and quickly, make at home. Oils and Perfumes of Ancient Egypt by Joann Fletcher gives a rich and interesting history of oils, herbs and flowers, and their early uses. Additionally, I enjoy browsing the website They are a commercial site, but they offer an online hyper text of the 1931 book, by Mrs. M. Grieve, A Modern Herbal. This makes for 860 pages of information on medicinal, culinary, and cosmetic herbs. It includes folklore, cultivation, and economic properties. Even reading their product descriptions will give you an education! Since most of my reference materials were borrowed from the library eons ago, I'll have to dig my notes out of storage for more titles. As I do, I'll add more of my favorite reference books.

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