Herbal Bath Recipes

Here are some bath blends to make your soak a therapeutic one! After each recipe, you'll find the indications for the ingredients. Remember to tie these ingredients in cheesecloth or muslin and toss into the bath, as it is filling, or hang from the faucet so that the water flows over the bag as your bath fills. You should allow at least 5 minutes of steeping before getting into the tub. Make sure you toss out all used herbs. Also note that the oatmeal should be the old fashion, uncooked type. ____Revitalizing Blend_________ 4 cup ginger root 1/4 cup dried parsley 1/2 cup grated lemon peel 2 Tbs. oatmeal (uncooked, old fashion type) Oatmeal softens the water. Lemon is cleansing and aromatic. Parsley is a skin tonic. Ginger root promotes circulation. ___Invigorating Bath___ 1/4 cup dried rosemary 1/4 cup dried sage 2 Tbs. oatmeal Rosemary relieves mental fatigue. Sage treats loss of concentration. Oatmeal softens the water. ___Stimulating Blend____ 1/4 cup dried basil 1/4 cup dried eucalyptus 1/4 cup dried peppermint Basil regenerates mental powers. Eucalyptus treats lack of concentration. Peppermint alleviates mental fatigue and lack of concentration, and revitalizes. ______Citrus Tonic_________ 1/4 cup lemon peel 1/4 cup grated orange peel 1 Tbs. dried parsley 1 Tbs. dried comfrey Lemon treats lethargy. Orange fights depression and anxiety. Parsley stimulates.Comfrey is a mild antiseptic. ___Relaxing Bath Infusion_____ 1 Tbs. dried peppermint 1 Tbs. dried lavender buds 1 Tbs. dried eucalyptus leaves 1 Tbs. dried chamomile flowers Peppermint alleviates mental fatigue and lack of concentration, it revitalizes. Lavender relaxes, sooths, promotes rest and sleep, and restores balance to the body systems. Eucalyptus treats lack of concentration, and helps you to breath deeply. Chamomile calms you and helps to tone the skin. And, on a slightly different note..........Try a seaweed therapy bath treatment. It is very relaxing, and seaweed is rich in iodine and protein. These are directly absorbed through the pores in your skin, as you soak. This bath will help to detoxify, revive, remineralize, and stimulate the body as a whole. The aloe compliments the effects of the seaweed, helping to regenerate and sooth damaged or dry skin. _____Seaweed Therapy Bath____ 1/2 cup freeze-dried seaweed powder (next to fresh, freeze-dried powder is seaweed in its purest form). 1/4 cup aloe vera gel Pour the seaweed powder and the gel into the bath water, the relax in bath for 20 minutes. Pat skin dry and moisturize after bath. *Seaweed baths can be draining so do not overexert yourself immediately after the treatment. **Disclaimer** Any information I provide on oils, fragrances, herbs and/or butters is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition, nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. The information may not be complete, or entirely accurate. You should seek professional medical advice for any condition or ailment.

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