CAR is set to Drive

My friend Gena of and myself will be hosting our first episode of the C.A.R. (Creative Animal Relief) radio show on blogtalk radio this coming Wednesday at 7pm EST. CAR is a new group for artists who use their crafty talents, time and energy to raise funds to be donated to vetted nonprofit (animal) charities. This group began in January as the Etsy for Animals group store closed. The leader of EFA, a social team on the Etsy site, decided that she no longer wished to pursue the groups nonprofit status, therefore the store front was not necessary (as this was what it was opened for). In light of this, a few people decided that they would like to continue working toward that nonprofit status and the greater ability to help animals that a nonprofit status allows for. Thus CAR was born. The radio show was supposed to begin in January just as we ended the EFA show, however, as most of you know, I became very ill and was unable to co-host and Gena was very busy working on CAR, so she opted to postpone until I was able to talk! Now that I am able to speak I am more than ready to go! I am so excited about our new format and our new group! The website looks great (thanks El!), we already have funds ermarked for our nonprofit status (thanks Gena!), and we are quickly gaining members (thank you!)! On this weeks radio show, , we will be discussing ; Alternative Veterinary Health Care, a Way to Heal or a just a Way to Steal Your Money? We will have Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason from Animal Talk naturally as our guests to help answer questions and further define some principles of holistic veterinary care. We will also be accepting listener call in questions and/or experiences dealing with holistic/naturopathic veterinary care/treatments. We would LOVE to hear from you! We especially are interested in hearing what treatments you have tried, if they were expensive, and whether or not you feel that ? Can't join us at 7pm EST Wednesdays? That's okay, all of our shows are available on podcast anytime so you can listen anytime you want!

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