Spring Flings

I have a show coming up on April 25 that I am really looking forward to! Each year a local college holds a quilt and craft show. They display vintage quilts and they host a quilting contest, along with hosting a variety of crafters from all over Ohio. This show is always my first of the season, and is usually a very good show for me financially, as well as commissioned work and contacts. Not to mention that the setting is just about perfect. Chattfield college is a small school that is in rural Ohio. It sits off a county road, the kind where the houses are at least a few acres away from each other, and certainly not close to any town. Once you arrive, assuming you notice... I passed it my first visit, you must drive back a winding, tree-lined lane, past a pond where there is usually a fisherman or two, back into the "grove" which holds the tiny campus, maybe all of five or six buildings that look like they have always been there. The buildings appear old, but yet very natural, very regal. The entire campus simply oozes peaceful, revitalizing, spring-like, even "magical" vibes! So if you are in Ohio, or close to the southern portion, you may just want to visit this little craft show and see if it doesn't put some fling into your spring! Maybe this small, juried show will become one of your favorite one too! New for the show, I have many jewelry pieces, facial scrubs, bath salts, and essential oil perfumes in roller ball applicator bottles, as well as pre-made scrap book pages (perfect for those spring baby showers and June weddings), and some baby gift flower pots. These flower pots make unique gifts as they serve as centerpieces and then, after the shower, the "flowers" open to reveal baby washcloths, bibs, hats, booties and even silverware. Truly a unique gift for any Mother-to-be!

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