Falling Into Falll

The leaves are mid change here in the southern Ohio valley, the wind has picked up that cool chill, and the days are a bit dreary, yes, Fall is falling into place all around us. In this spirit I have found a few items that really speak Fall! First of all, this cool Artfire shop, Emily Claire Creations has some great items, especially the leaf pendants. My favorite being this leaf. I found these to be quite unique, and you know how I feel about all things Unique! Secondly, remember those fruit pompadours we use to make when we were kids? Well, I came across directions for one today and it brought back so many memories. I swear I could almost smell the clove as I read. So here are the directions. This would make a great project for you and your kids, or even just for you and a private trip down memory lane. They actually can be made quite lovely, with an air of sophistication, depending on your choice of pattern and ribbon. They would make a nice gift, or just a great "Fall" addition to your closet! Take 1 small orange a full bag of cloves 1-3 small cinnamon sticks and about 1 foot of your choice of ribbon Poke the cloves into the orange in a pattern of your choosing. When completed, use a crossover method with the ribbon (crossed at one end and then the other to secure the orange), make a hanging holder for the orange. At the top or second crossover (you may make as many crossovers as you like to make the hanger for your crossover secure), tie one or more cinnamon sticks on the top. Use the remaining ribbon to tie into a hanger at the top. When completed, hang on a Christmas tree or in a closet. These will last for one to three months!

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