What's that Smell?

Last week I began a list of essential oils and what they are good for. Since there are over 300 known essential oils, I will concentrate on the most common and easily found, or the most popular. For a refresher about the basics of essential oils, please revisit the post;
And for how to dilute and how to use the essential oils, revisit the post

Before continuing on with the list, I left out some of my favorite information about annis. Annis is often called the Fisherman's Friend, as it attracts fish while reducing the human scent. It also promotes balance and relaxation and is also a good remedy for coughs and colds.Okay, on with the list!

*The majority of this post has been deleted due to my impending book


-BALSAM PERU is a sweet, warm and smoky vanilla like scent. I.... it is not reccommended for use during pregnancy.

-BASIL is a warm and spicy herbal scent. ..... *Basil may trigger epileptic seizures in susceptible individuals.*

-BAY LAUREL is a warm, herbaceous scent that smells a bit camphoraceous...... Its use should be avoided during pregnancy.

-BAY has a fresh, sweet yet spicy, balsamic scent. 

-BERGAMOT is a spicy, citrus scent with a high floral note.... If it is not specified as being bergapten-free, it may cause photosensitivity, so care should be used when deciding which products it is to be a part of.

-BLACK PEPPER is a hot, sharp, fruity, and spicy scent. .... Use this essential oil in moderation only as it has rubefacient properties in high concentrations.

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