Can't get enough of those smells!

*The majority of this post was deleted due to my impending book

-CAJEPUT is a camphoraceous odor, very medicinal in nature. It is slightly milder, with a bit more fruity smell than eucalyptus. ....It is not to be used during pregnancy.

-CAMPHOR has a sharp, pungent odor which smells like....well camphor! lol ....It is not really compatible with homeopathic treatment, and should not be used by epileptics, or on babies or during pregnancy.

-CARAWAY has a strong, yet warm, sweet spicy scent, like rye bread. I

-CARDAMON has a fresh, sweet green, spicy, balsamic scent. 

-CARROT SEED has a mild, spicy, herbaceous fragrance. ...... This oil should not be used during pregnancy as it can cause spontaneous abortions.


BlossomingTree said...

Cardamom is a must-have!

Unique Garden said...

I agree blossomingtree. Cardamom is extensively used in soaps and perfumes and blends well with many other oils. It is in the top of the must have list!