Peaceful Sunday

I am now back in the Fall weather of southern Ohio, but it seems as though I brought some Florida back with us, because today is a lovely 60, sunny degrees! What we in this area call an "Indian Summer", although I do not know why that term is used. At any rate, most of the gorgeous colored leaves are gone now, with lots of sparse limbs sprouting out from the tree trunks, but it is still beautiful in the sun, none the less!
Wherever YOU are today, I hope that you can take some time to appreciate the beauty of the nature that is around you, and allow yourself to bask in the wonder of it all!
For more pictures see To make it a bit easier for yourself (as I have over 2000 pictures), click on the set (on the right side) of "Friends and Good Times", then open the Englewood, Florida set OR click on "House, Yard and Scenery" and open the Fall pictures or the Sunset and Moonlight ones!

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