The Sharp Points of Acupuncture

Acupuncture involves the insertion and manipulation of "filiform" needles into various points of the body for therapeutic purposes or to relieve pains. According to traditional Chinese theory, the points where the acupuncture needles are applied are situated along invisible lines on the body, called "meridians". The life's energy, also known as "qi", flows through these meridians.
The goal of acupuncture then, is to balance the energy system of the entire body. In doing so, any problems will be corrected, and symptoms will cease. Each acupuncture point specifically corresponds to a line of energy, a meridian, and each meridian is connected to specific functions of the body. Therefore, any problem in the body can be treated by applying acupuncture to the point that connects/corresponds to the area that needs treatment.
During the acupuncture treatment, endorphins are said to be released from the brain, which leads to relaxation, and even sleepiness. This treatment modality strives to re-balance the body's energy system, which not only corrects the problem being treated, but positively impacts the body's energy level. Many people report an increased energy level post treatment.
Even when symptoms of an illness are not present, acupuncture points can be checked to make sure that none are deemed deficient. If a point is found to be deficient, treatment can then be initiated in a preventative nature, to avoid the development of problems that would result from this decrease in energy.
Actually, acupuncture is even being used by Veterinarians to treat dogs with conditions such as; arthritis, spinal disorders, hip displasia, allergies, kidney problems, and others. According to Holistic Veterinarians, dogs love it. They are reported to be relaxed during treatment and to evidence signs of increased energy after treatments. They are even [purportedly] excited for their next treatment. One thing is for sure, animals do not have the capacity to exhibit a placebo effect. If they do not like something, you will know it. So, if dogs love it, why not give it a try and see what you think?
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