Happy New Year!!

2011 is here, so let me offer you wishes for an abundance of HEALTH and HAPPINESS in the new year!!!! As you enter this new year; may all your goals be reached, your health be great, your love be extended and your wealth be increased....or something along those lines, lol!
2010 was challenging in many ways, physically and mentally. However, while it brought some very sad and difficult situations to bear, it also had some bright and shinning moments. My youngest Son married last Valentine's day, and my eldest Son had a Son of his own this past July. Being a Mother-in-law and a Grandma has truly been a joy and a blessing!
I was disconnected from the internet for about nine months, but now I am reconnected and have begun to set goals for updating and maintaining my web sites, as well as this blog. While I still do not see myself posting daily, I am simply too long winded to do that much writing daily, lol!, I will be posting between one and three times a week beginning this week.
I appreciate the good wishes that I was sent these past few months, and I want to thank you all for caring. I hope that you will forgive my lack of presence on the blog and stick with me as I get back into the groove of things.
Be sure to Look for MAKE IT YOURSELF MONDAYS because I still want to provide you with great, easy to make recipes. I will, however, be expanding to offer you some food recipes, as well as some nice gift ideas.

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