Here are a few newly completed products, ready for the cabin. Thanks to the flu I am still needing to finish a few things, but I did make a good start at it.

This is a Candy Cane Bath Salt, made with Dead Sea Salts, and scented with essential oils.
These twist up lotion bars are made with jojoba shea butter and other great ingredients. Perfect for deeply moisturizing winter skin.

These bars are made with the same great ingredients as the twist up containers, just  without the container. These all weigh between two and three ounces, plenty enough to share with the family, or just enough to last you a good long while!

This is one of my newest essential oil blends, Spiced Lavender. Spiced Lavender is a mixture of several essential oils, with pure Bulgarian Lavender at its heart. Add to that some nice, warm, slightly sultry base notes and a light, airy, top note, and you have the perfect lavender, both for cold winter weather, and for steamy summery nights.

The scent of these heart shaped soaps take me on  a walk through snow filled woods, perhaps in search for the family Christmas Tree. Frosted Forest sounds  like the perfect name to me!

Next week I hope to finish with the cabin inventory, and I will then have a few more pictures to share with you. Think ice cube snowmen, ornaments, wreathes and more!
Enjoy your weekend and remember, Christmas is only a matter of weeks away! 

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