What;s Happening Wednesday

Here we are at hump day already, and another What's Happening Wednesday post is upon us! Of course the Christmas Cabin inventory is still tops on my list, but I did spend some time in the workroom these past few days. 

I had a client write and ask what I had that may benefit a person with pain and stiffness from MD. Immediately my mind went to the Raphael's Healing Garden Bath Soak, but with a slight twist, with some  spirulina added. If you missed the spirulina post, please click on the link and catch up on this wonder algae! So now I am left with another name challenge. What do you think of Healing Gardens Bath Soak? I am leaning toward this one for now. If you have suggestions, feel free to let me know!  

Then, what's a great bath soak without a wonderful massage oil blend to really work all those kinks out and keep them gone? So back into the workroom with about 20 essential oils pulled out on the table. About a half hour later, there I sat with a blend of about 15 EO's, all of which have properties that provide analgesia, soothe muscle aches, reduce/eliminate muscle spasms and cramps, increase circulatory blood flow and/or decrease inflammation. What an awesome blend! And the scent is not a slap ya in the face type, even though a lot of the individual EO's are rather strong individually. While I have several pain management and muscle soothing blends already, I am really excited about this newest blend. I think it will be a great, top of the line, super duper helper oil blend!

So what else am I working on? Well I have been making cute, seasonal earrings. Some Christmas light bulbs, in a variety of colors. Very cute, very trendy, and very inexpensive. Since I usually only make sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, these are a nice, fun departure for me, and hopefully for the cabin as well! 

And, of course soap continues to be made and set out to cure. Christmas soaps are running slightly behind, so hopefully I will be getting those finished in the next few days! Whispering Mistletoe, Christmas Eve, Frosted Berries, and Snowy Forest are all finished, but Flannel Sheets, Christmas Essence, Bethlehem, and Gifts of the Maji are all waiting to be poured. So much to soap and so little time! 

So that's what's happening here this Wednesday, what's happening with you?  

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