Make it Yourself Monday- Facial Cleanser

Are you looking for a great facial cleanser? Well you can make your own quite easily, saving yourself money and ensuring that you will have great ingredients, with great benefits.

You will need some;
liquid Castille soap, 2 oz.
distilled water, 1 oz.
lemon, either juice a real lemon or use about 3 drops of EO
chamomile EO, 3 drops  If you cannot get the chamomile EO, try steeping some chamomile flower heads in the Castille soap, gently heating it for at least an hour. Do not allow it to boil. When it is done heating, allow it to sit and cool, then strain it and toss out the plant material.

Mix everything together and stir well. Pour into a plastic bottle with a flip top dispensing lid or a plain lid. Store this in the refrigerator when not in use. It should stay fresh for at least two months. Just wash your face and neck with this as you normally would, then rinse with tepid water and pat the skin dry. Make sure that you follow up by properly moisturizing your skin 

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