Hi there! I am finally back! Once again I must apologize for the interruption in blog posts. Unfortunately my guest blogger was hit by a long power outage after a bad storm hit our area. While some people just got their electricity back a few days ago, everyone is now up and running again. The majority of central and southern Ohio was declared a disaster area, but repairs are almost, if not completely done now.

Meanwhile, I did manage to complete the flowers for my eldest Son's wedding, and, although exhausted, the wedding festivities were truly memorable! My Grandson even got to spend two nights with his great-grandmother and myself. It was quite a memorable weekend! Needless to say, I am still tired ! Funny how a two year old can wear you out! Lol! Actually, he won't be two until this weekend, so it will be another fun-filled, but tiring weekend!

Anyway, here are the promised flower arrangement photographs. I hope that one of the wedding pictures shows the bridal bouquet better than these. For some reason I just didn't seem to get a good angle. Still, I think you will at least get the general idea and feel. I hope you like them!

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