Tripod Thursday-New Finds

Today's photographs are just a few odds and ends in my business collection. While I have to take product pictures, I truly enjoy finding and taking pictures of "different" things. I love hide and seek, and those small, but great finds in out-of- the-way places. So here are some of each. 

Don't you love this cast iron soap holder? I recently found this in the bottom of a sales bin, and was extremely pleased with the find, not to mention the price!
While most of my soaps are too large to fit into the regular boxes, I do make a few that are just right! 

I've had far too many requests for this product lately. I think everyone needs to relax a bit more and quit working so hard! Vacation!

Many of my customers just LOVE the whipped shea. Me? I love the ylang ylang scent. Ylang ylang means "flower of flowers", and its scent lives up to its name! I especially enjoy the lavender and ylang ylang blend, and since I can barely keep in stock, evidently I'm not the only one! 

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