The art of massage therapy can be painted by any, not just the master artists! With a few simple tips you can treat your self, your partner, or be treated by your partner, to a fantastic and therapeutic massage.
  • If you do not have a massage table don't worry! Just cover your firm mattress with a towl or bath sheet.
  • Put on some relaxing music, light the aromatherapy candles, dim the lights
  • Make sure that the room is warm and the phone is unplugged. If you have children, make sure that they are cared for and that they won't disturb you. In other words, lock your door! lol
  • Use natural oils or cremes, as they are nourishing to your skin and create an easy glide on the skin to help with the actual massage.
  • Cold pressed oils maintain their natural vitamin content. These nutritive values will lubricate your skin and also will be absorb into the skin when you are finished with the massage, moisturizing it.
  • Aromatherapy assists by providing therapeutic benefits, especially when combined with essential oils that are noted for evoking relaxation responses. The fragrance you use should bring to mind pleasant memories. This, then stimulates positive and healing emory patterns.
  • The main reason for a massage is to activate the nerve endings in the body and stimulate the bloods circulation through the stroking of the skin, albeit gently or a bit more roughly.
  • When you use the right essential oils in massage therapy, you can relieve anxiety and stress, increase lymph production in the system, improve blood flow, detoxify the system, ease pain and soothe sore muscles.
  • You can custom blend essential oils to meet your needs, or just ask your herbalist to make you a blend.
  • The power of caring human touch is a healing catalyst, both to help release tension and lactic acid build up in mucles. Touch is a comforting, caring signal to the mind and the body.
  • A massage that is too painful will not yield effective results. There are many different types of massage techniques. Kneading, deep friction, rocking, compression, skin rolling, fingertip brushing, and percussion to name a few. Whichever you use will depend upon what feels best to you and what works best on you. Your preferences may change with your moods and that is okay too!
  • Do not get a massage immediately after exercising. The body continues the process of eliminating toxins through perspiration for a time after you exercise and this will interfere with the absorption of the oil by the skin.
  • Remain warm and relaxed after your massage for at least 20 minutes.
  • Since warmth is so important in keeping muscles relaxed, you may need to add a space heater to the room when getting a massage. At the very least, keep a few extra blankets nearby for after the massage.
  • Pour the massage oil into the palm of your hands first, then onto the skin to warm the oil.
  • Replenish body fluids and help to cleanse the body and remove toxins from it after the massage by by drinking 8 ounces of water or herbal tea.
In future posts I will cover more about essential oils and their therapeutic properties, but for this post, I am detailing some recipes for general health and well being. For the most part, you can change the essential oil in the recipes to fit your mood and needs. In this first recipe, the clary sage helps to alleviate fatigue, irritability and depression. The lavender is known for stress reduction, alleviating headaches, and stimulating the circulatory system, not to mention that it is very arromatic. Alone, or mixed with other oils, lavender is also known for inducing relaxation and promoting rest, but mixed with the clary sage, this blend is ideal for cleaning the body systems and ridding it of toxins and impurities. It promotes total physical and spiritual relaxation.
Grapeseed oil is a great oil to use for a massage blend because it is high in polyunsaturates. It is very light and very easily absorbed by the skin. Mix 1/2 cup grapeseed oil with 4 drops of lavender essential oil and 4 drops of clary sage essential oil. Blend them well, then massage into the skin. Try using the pit of the avocado that you used in other recipes as a massage tool. It is a great, natural massager! Remember to rest for 20 minutes after your massage. **VETIVER MASSAGE OIL** Jojoba oil is actually more like a wax than an oil. It is very rich in natural vitamin E and is very similar to natural human oil secretions, sebum. It is very easily absorbed by the skin and is suitable for all skin types, making it one of the most popular carrier oils. Jojoba oil blends well with most essential oils, and has the added benefit of having a longer shelf life than most carrier oils (2-3 years). Vetiver essential oil has a rich, woodsy scent and is known for calming and grounding properties. This recipe is good to use for full body aromatherapy massages or for local applications to sooth tired and sore muscles. Mix 1/2 cup of jojoba oil with 40 drops of vetiver essential oil. Mix the oils well and stor in an amber glass bottle. **MOISTURIZING MASSAGE OIL** You can add whatever essentyial oil blend to this recipe that you need. Here, the oil blend iteslf is the main focus. This recipe is for normal to very dry skin and will leave you with mositurized, amazing feeling skin! 1/2 cup sweet almond oil 1/4 cup coconut oil 4 Tbs. avocado oil 3-5 drops of essential oil(s) Store for 3-6 months in an aber bottle. Make sure to keep out of direct light and away from extreme heat.
Begin by taking some time to quiet yourself and prepare mentally. Once practiced this may only take three to five minutes of quiet time in a softly lit room, but in the beginning you may need longer. Start by focusing on the center of your diaphragm and quieting yourself by concentrating on your breathing. Deep breathing will help you to relax and focus yourself, drwing your attention to the task at hand. Take a few deep, slow, cleansing breaths. Relax and focus on your breathing. Clear your mind of any other thoughts. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, slowly and steadily. Do not let yourself think of anything besides your breathing. Push all other thoughts away. Take as long as you need. Once you are relaxed, it is time to begin your massage. Begin at your feet. Pour some massage oil in the palm of your hands, then take both of hands and massage the bottom of your feet by applying pressure in a circular motion from the center of the foot outward. Then massage upward on each foot, from the ankle to the toes, using the thumbs to press firmly. Massage each toe, then massage the tops of the feet, moving up your legs to the calves, then the upper legs. Continue to apply oil as you go, and as needed. Use a kneading technique on sore muscles. After the upper leg move on to the shoulders and your neck. Start on one side, using your fingertips. Work down yoru arms and then massage your hands and fingers. Be sure to do each finger, just as you did the toes. Once you have finished, stay warm and relax for an additional 20 minutes. Remember to drink your replenishing fluids noted in the tip section above.

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