Face Mask for Mature and/or Dry Skin

Yesterday my Mother had a very bad day. After several misshapes she ended her day by splashing a swimming pool chemical in her eye. Needless to say, after the necessary flushing, hours in the ER, and the medicine to save her eye, she ended up with a red, swollen eye. Additionally she was extremely worn out and it really showed on her face, so I decided that I would treat her to a face mask. Specifically, a new clay based mask that I just created a recipe for. I figured that this would give me a guinea pig and I would also be doing something nice for her. I love two birds with one stone deals, but I made a huge mistake. My mistake? I didn't take a before, during, and after picture! I really was just thinking she would either say that it felt bad, good, or great, and that afterwords her skin felt okay, good, or great. I watched as she rinsed off the mask, after only 10 minutes and I was completely taken aback when her skin showed marked and visible signs of improvement. Her under and supra orbital swelling was decreased, the redness of the skin, and even facial wrinkles were decreased. We immediately could SEE a big difference her skin tone. We were really both blown away as we examined her skin. The first thing she said was, "you should have taken a before and after picture!" Of course the second thing she said was, "when can I do another one?" lol.
I always love it when a recipe comes together, but it amazes me to know that these small wonders still amaze me!

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