Name That Bath Soak and You Will be Soaking in Some for Free!

16 oz jar of bath soak Today, well now it is more accurate to say that yesterday was my birthday. I also must confess to you that, sadly, I feel every bit my age, and then some! LOL. For days now I have been creating all manner of new recipes, so I decided that I would celebrate my big day by treating myself to a bath with one of my new creations. I chose a bath soak that has several ingredients, most of which are used for healing and soothing. Although I generally have friends and family test my products first, I have to say that I am SO GLAD that I didn't wait to try this one! Not only did it relax me, it really soothed my aching joints and muscles, and it left my skin feeling oh so soft! I have to say that if I didn't make this stuff, I really would buy it! Sooo, happy birthday to me and to my newest bath soak! [This is a picture before all the ingredients were added] Now, what I need is a name. I kind of gave up on the creative naming idea a while back, settling for the more direct, plain names so that search engines could find me easier, but I am bored with a compromise. I am going to name them, then subtitle the more direct name. All of that to get to this, I need your creativity! What do you think I should name it????? Let me know your ideas by leaving a comment here. The winner will receive their own bath soak and a surprise gift as my thanks for a job well done! I want to get labels made and list this soon, so please submit your ideas by July 2, 2009. You may want to check out my shop to get an idea of my products and their names. The last bath soak I made was named "Luxury Bath Soak" and the one before that was "Cleo's Bath Soak", for Cleopatra. While I will not give out my ingredients on the net (thank you unscrupulous people), I can tell you that it is all natural, has 9 different ingredients, and includes a therapeutic blend of essential oils. While certainly not all inclusive, this soak is formulated with ingredients that are known to;
  • reduce inflammation and edema (swelling)
  • relieve pain
  • promote soothing and relaxation
  • draw impurities from the skin
  • remove dirt and debris from pores soak in kraft bag
  • remove dead skin cells
  • improve circulation
  • both promote and speed healing of the skin
  • encourage rapid and healthy regrowth of skin and tissue cells
  • prevent infection
  • generally bring a smooth, healthy glow to your skin

There you go, you now know as much as I can tell you. I hope that you find inspiration. Have Fun, be creative, and Good Luck to you!!

Now for the fine print. You will need to leave a way for me to reach you in case you are the winner, so leave an email addy, your bog url, an Etsy or an Artfire shop name. By submitting your entry you are giving Unique Garden Essences the right to use that name without further compensation. A winner may not be chosen from the names submitted, if none are deemed suitable. I really do want to share this soak with you, so I will do my best to be open-minded and find one that works. I have several new products making their debut shortly so your entry may work for one of those, if not for this one. Should that be the case, you would be contacted for approval and with the details.


BeansThings said...

Here are some of my ideas!


Getting a Good Night's Sleep
Therapeutic Recreation
Well-being Bath Soak
Renewable Journey
Inner Discovery
Inner Peace
Inner Quest
Soul Seeker
Detox & Rejuvenate

Dogonwear said...

I don't care what you call it I want it!!!!!

but Im thinking...
since it was on your B-day and almost the "Big 29" LOL
instead of the "fountain of Youth" how bout
"Soakable Youth" or
"Bath in Youth" or
hey how about "Youth"

I am Dogonwear You can find my on skype and you have my mailing address... LOL

mamamardee said...

How about soul soak!


Unique Garden said...

Some really great ideas, and wow BeansThings could name my whole line!
Great job guys, Thank you all!
Keep em coming!!!!

jeanan said...

Raphael's healing waters
Raphael's healing garden soak

Meghann said...

Sunset Skinny Dip? Sunset Skinny Soak?
I am not very good at this, lol, I wish you lots of sales :)

Unique Garden said...

And some more good choices for a name! Thank you, thank you all. A few more days and then the hard part, choosing just one! lol

Susan_from_Nerk said...

How about:

Prune No More
Put 'Er In There
Slide Right Outa The Tub

Can you tell I've had a long day at work? :-D

ceevee said...

I thought I added a suggestion yesterday, but maybe I didn't. OK let's go:

Softly Soothing
Calming Breeze
Soothing Spa
Fragrant Harmony

Susan_from_Nerk said...

I like Soothing Spa. It's almost as good as Prune No More.

mfp said...

In honor of your birthday...


What ever you name it....I need it!!!

You know my add.