Scrub a Dub Dub Take Time To Do A Body Rub!

When visiting any Spa, the integral part of the treatment will be some type of exfoliation. While the techniques may vary, the purpose of exfoliation is always the same. First of all it serves to rid the skin's surface of dirt and oil as it rubs off the outermost layer of dead skin cells. The removal of this layer of dead cells enables the skin to more easily and effectively absorb or react to any products used after the exfoliation process. Therefore the second purpose of exfoliation is that it actually prepares the skin for other, subsequent treatments. It is very important to remember that body scrubbing is NOT facial scrubbing. You need to have appropriate tools for the job, such as; a sisal mitt, a loofah sponge, a stiff, natural bristle brush, and/or an abrasive sponge, a pumice stone and a towel are good to have also. The pumice stone is great for the bottoms of the feet, but not a necessity. Whichever tools you choose to use, make sure that you use your scrubber in a circular motion, beginning at the feet , moving to the legs, the working the hands, arms, shoulders, then down the back and up the torso toward the heart. Apply firm, even pressure but do not apply so much that you irritate or "burn" the skin. As you incorporate a full body rub into your daily beauty regimen (it really should be done daily five minutes is all that you need if done consistently) your skin will build a tolerance to the rubbing and you will be able to apply more pressure, offering a more vigorous scrub. When you are brand new to body rubs, you have to begin by being more gentle in order to avoid abrading the skin. Body scrubbing helps to stimulate and circulate the lymph fluids, which then help to eliminate the body's toxins. A cool water rinse after the body scrub will further help with blood circulation. After the rinse, pat dry and moisturize if you are not performing another type of treatment. Do not skip moisturizing! As previously stated, after the exfoliation the skin will more readily drink in the moisturizer, making it much more effective at this time than any other. Since exfoliation is very energizing and revitalizing, it is a treatment that is really best suited to a morning regimen. As with most recipes for body treatments, the ingredients are dependant upon your needs. You will need an abrasive ingredient along with one that will make it easy to apply to the skin. The various oils used should be chosen according to your skin type and any essential oils used should be chosen to maximize the effects that you desire. You can review what the essential oils are used for by reading the archives. All essential oils are listed alphabetically during 10/08 and 11/08. The next post will review potential choices for the abrasive ingredient in recipes, as well as the various carrier oil choices, along with a few more recipes. Meanwhile, you can find some recipes in the archives for 8/16/08.

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