Going natural isn't just for bath and body, it can be for the household too! Here are some easy recipes to help with the household chores. These natural cleansers will help you clean your home without hurting the planet, while the aromas of the essential oils will help to make the chore of cleaning more pleasurable.
2 tsp Tea Tree essential oil (EO) 1 tsp Peppermint EO 2 Tbs. (or more) of unscented liquid soap 1 Tbs. white vinegar (optional) 1 cup baking soda Measure the baking soda into a bowl with a tight fitting lid. Add approximately 2 tablespoons of liquid soap (either regular dish washing soap or a natural brand of liquid soap such as liquid Castile soap). Mix well to create a paste-like consistency. If you need more liquid soap to get the correct consistency, add it a little at a time until the mixture is like a paste, pliable but not soggy. Once you have a consistency you feel like you can work with, add the essential oils and mix well again. Add the vinegar lastly, which helps to boost the cleaning power. To use, scoop out a little of the cleanser and use a sponge or rag to gently scrub tub, shower and sink surfaces. A little goes a long way, and the antibacterial effect of the tea tree EO offers extra peace of mind.
1 drop lemongrass EO 1 drop lavender EO 1 drop Tea Tree EO 1 drop Citronella EO 6 Tbs. Sweet Almond Oil (carrier)
Mix all oils together well. Then apply daily to keep your area smelling fresh and clean. This mixture will kill odors, bacteria, molds, and fungus, while repelling insects and mice.
1/4 tsp Lavender EO 1/4 tsp Eucalyptus (globulus) EO 1/4 tsp Lemon EO 1/4 cup vodka, yes the alcohol kind 2 cups water
Mix all ingredients together and mix well. Shake before use. Use this spray on counters, cutting boards, the dish rack and more. It can also be used as an air freshener and even on furniture that you want to keep cats off.
1 tsp Lavender EO 1 tsp Tea Tree EO
1 tsp Lemon EO 1 tsp Litsea Cubeba EO 1 tsp borax 2 cups distilled water 1 cup Liquid Soap (unscented) Place all ingredients in a plastic spray bottle and shake well before each use. First spray the surface, then use a soft cloth to wipe clean. Use this to spray to wipe clean all non-wood bathroom and kitchen surfaces.
5 drops White Thyme EO 10 drops Citronella EO 5 drops Eucalyptus (Globulus) EO 5 drops Sage EO 5 drops Cinnamon Leaf or Cassia EO 10 drops Lavender EO 10 drops Bergamot EO 10 drops Tea Tree EO 5 drops Lemon EO 500 ml distilled water This air spray is refreshing and will keep your bathroom clean, killing bacteria and viruses. Mix all of the ingredients together and put into a spray bottle. Shake well before each use and spray it every day to keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.
Depending upon the level of need and your time available, you can either melt some candellia wax and add a few drops of lemon or orange essential oil for scent, and use this to rub onto your wood surfaces, then buff to shine....
Or just take 1/2 tsp Lemon EO and add it to 4 fl oz of olive oil. Place this mixture into a small bottle and apply it with a soft cloth to your wood furniture, buff to shine. The olive oil will feed the wood, while the lemon will offer a great, fresh scent.

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