What's Happening Wednesday- Preparing for a Show

Our electricity was out from 2am until now, 8:20pm, so sorry this is late!

What's Happening this Wednesday? I am still preparing for an upcoming craft show, the first of the season, and one of the few that I still attend! I have been a part of the Chatfield college Quilt and Craft show for the past three or four years and I always enjoy walking around, just as much as I enjoy selling there. I generally take a bit of everything I make, which makes the set up somewhat challenging, but I sell a bit of everything, so it is a necessary evil.
Since I have a corner spot, I set up  "I_I" shaped. I set one side for dog treats and crafts, and one with all jewelry. My dress makers bodice stands at the corner too, with a display of earrings and bracelets, and is great for catching people's eye from a distance. The front table is always for my bath and body products. I have several nice displays, and I think I can honestly say that I have never set up the exact same twice! LOL

And this year will be no different, because I will be taking a brand new display, one that was just made for me! This soap display was an early birthday gift from my Mom, made by her Amish friends. It is very nice, and solid. It has a stand in the back, which props it up at an angle for great viewing, but is removable for traveling. [The picture shows it standing nearly straight up, but it won't be on the display table.]  The soaps fit into the cubbies, so that they can be separated by scent. I am so excited to have it, and cant wait until it gets the inaugural use! In fact, she actually had two made for me, but was returning home before the second could be completed. So next time she goes up to visit, I will get the other one! How exciting! I now have 24 batches of soap that will be ready for this show, so this one display will be perfect!

Healing Heel & Elbow Cream
Hyacinth soap
I have been very busy in the kitchen lately.  I have revamped my hand and body lotion. Made a great new night cream. Put heel and elbow cream into twist up containers. Made a new perfume, well it's really a personal fragrance oil since I don't use alcohol to make it. Jarred up a Dead Sea Mud Face Mask, and of course, I  have been making soap. In fact, I have made a batch a day for almost two months now, so a lot of soap! So what is happening on this Wednesday is a lot like the past many Wednesdays, I am making things to offer at the show, and in my shops.
What's happening with you this Wednesday?

Tomorrow is Tripod Thursday, so photographs of......? Well you will have to check back to see! But I can tell you that Friday will be a return to the exotic oils series. So make sure you check back in, you wouldn't want to miss anything!  

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