Teaching Tuesdays- Face the Facts about Face Care

Just so you know, tomorrow we will be continuing the exotic oils series with Macadamia nut oil. But today, we are going to review what it takes to care for your face. If you are like me, you just grab a soap and wash and dry and that's that, but really, there are five steps that we should all be taking, to get and keep that perfect face! With winter about over and summer well on its way, it's time to begin caring for, and protecting your facial skin. If you have been practicing one or more of these steps all along, good for you! I am sure you will be rewarded with a few less wrinkles and more smooth skin. But it is never too late to begin being healthy, so let's review!

First of all we need to properly cleanse. This will rid the skin of dirt, makeup and oils. Then we need to steam. This opens up the pores, increases blood circulation in the facial capillaries, and deep cleanses the skin. Then we need to apply a facial mask or a peel. This will further remove residue deep in the pores, and it nourishes and replenishes the skin with essential vitamins and minerals. Next is applying a toner. Toners tighten the pores, and prepare the skin to accept the moisturizer, which is the fifth step. A moisturizer  replenishes the skin with fluid, and gives it a fine layer of protective film, which helps ward off the affects of elements that seek to destroy our skin daily.

Here are a few more tips for face care. Remember, we need to treat our skin well, it is our first line of defense against bacteria and viruses.

  • Remember to ALWAYS clean your face BEFORE doing a steam.
  • Pull your hair back so that you can clean right up to the hairline.
  • ALWAYS wear a sunscreen when outside. It does not need to be sunny for the ultra violet rays to affect your skin.
  • Don't forget to moisturize above your upper lip, as well as the area above the cheekbones, below the eyes. These areas tend to be particularly lacking in moisture.
  • Make time to provide yourself with routine skin care, You are worth it! 

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