Tripod Thursday-Hand painted ornaments for Gift Giving

As promised on Tuesday, some of today's photographs are of ornaments that I am making for presents. Actually they aren't quite finished yet, but they are close enough to give you a very good idea of how they will be when completed. More importantly, I hope that they inspire you to go out and get some to begin making gifts of your own. Let your imagination be your guide! Glittrer, beads, feathers, get busy and create away! As for mine, each one always gets the recipients name and the current year placed on it somewhere. Some will get a cute saying, and some may get some additional small items painted into the scene, small finishing touches so to speak. And of course, I always glue the hangers onto the glass bulbs so that there is less of a chance that they will be dropped and broken when someone picks them up by their tops, and they always do! Remember that each one of these ornaments was blank/plain when it was purchased. I have painted on all of them, decopaged on some, and used puff paints on others. It really is amazing what a little paint can do! The rest of the items were made this season too, but these are the latest sale items. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and if would like to share some of your projects, just email me one or two, along with the details. Depending upon the number of submissions, I will post your projects in an upcoming week! 

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