Tripod Thursday-Last Year and This Year

I very rarely show pictures of my family, but since this is Christmas, and Christmas is all about family, I have put together some photos from our annual Christmas tree cutting outing. Last year my Grandson was about 5 months old and he slept the entire trip. It was bitterly cold the day of our outing, but he was snug as a bug in a rug, safely tucked into his carrier. The wind was blowing so hard that almost all the snow was blown away, which just made the cold seem that much colder!

This year, my Grandson is almost a year and a half old. He now calls me Nana, and he didn't sleep a wink on the trip! It was a pretty warm day, no real need for a coat. There was no snow, not even a hint of snow in sight. Instead of the carrier, Braidon sat on his Daddy's lap, his Auntie's shoulders, his Mommy's hip, and his Uncle's arms.

While a lot is different, as you will see, some things never change! And while you are pondering that, check out who ends up decorating the tree together...both years! Lol.

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