Tripod Thursday-Northern Ohio Country-Side

The winning name for soap #77 is Morning Dew. It was a very close race, but this name is in keeping with the unique freshness of the scent and it is in the garden every day! So my Thanks and Congratulations go to Tammy Houchen, as well as a bar of Morning Dew and a surprise or two!

Now for today's Tripod Thursday subject. This past weekend we took the rv up North to visit some of my Mom's friends. It is absolutely beautiful country and we had a wonderful time, so I wanted to share it with you! The first picture is of Kiki just before we left. I was looking all over for her and finally saw her sitting in the middle of a  grapevine wreath, on top of a stack of totes and boxes. She must love the spot, because that is also where I found her when we got home!


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