Try an Herb Tuesday- Skullcap

Skullcap, botanically known as Scutellaria lateriflora, is known as a "calming" herb, one that is good for any stressful situation, but especially for those that are grief related. Historically, Skullcap has been used to calm the mind, to stop the cycle of circular thoughts, and to ease emotional stress and tension, especially when dealing with the pain of break ups or loss. It encourages mental clarity and brings a renewed focus to thoughts, as well as actions.  

It is usually made into a tincture or a tea, and has a somewhat bitter taste. Skullcap is known to stimulate digestion, and even to trigger feelings of hunger. Since the gastro-intestinal tract tends to become sluggish when we are stressed, the use of skullcap can help to return our system to health. It is said to relax tight muscles and to relieve headaches. It can be used when needed, or it can be taken daily, as a preventative treatment. When taken daily, it not only restores the body and the mind, but it works as a strengthener to prepare the body to better respond to future stresses. This herb is one that was likely in every medicine cabinet, and would do well in yours! 

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