More of the C Essential Oils

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With that bit of business completed, back to our list of essential oils;

*The majority of this post has been deleted due to my impending book

CEDARWOOD (Virginia) is a base not that has a mild, sweet balsamic, pencil wood scent. .....Avoid use during pregnancy. It is generally safer to use than the Atlas cedarwood.

-CELERY SEED has a warm, spicy, sweet scent that has a long-lasting odor. ......should be avoided during pregnancy.

-Chamomile The blue variety has a strong, sweet, warm herbaceous scent. The Moroccan variety has a fresh, herbaceous note with a sweet, rich balsamic undertone, while the Roman variety is rather fresh, fruity, sweet, herbaceous and an apple like scent.

.......Since the Moroccan variety is new, information past the fact that it is considered non-toxic and non-irritating is currently unavailable. Since the other varieties are not to be used when pregnant, I would use that guideline with this variety as well. Better safe than sorry!

-Cinnamon is one of those paradoxal essential oils............


BlossomingTree said...

I love working with cedarwood. I have blood cedarwood that I adore.

I wasn't careful once when handling cinnamon and a drop fell onto my hand. I didn't realize it until I felt the burn. Ouch!

Unique Garden said...

I have had the same issue with cinnamon on more than one occasion! I use it a lot during the holiday season and I am always getting that little bit of extra heat from from fingers! lol

I use cedarwood a lot in my insect repellent products. It is great!