Houston, I have a problem here!

I am in the midst of a nightmare! My computer has crashed. I am not one of those fortunate people who have more than one, and I was stupid enough to not have uploaded all my business items to a zip file or other such ingenious device. So, to say that I am in a huge state of panic, is putting things rather mildly! I am currently on a borrowed laptop to update this and check emails, but I will soon be without computer again. Once you are use to having it on daily, and talking to all your new-found friends across the world, being subjugated to the non techy world again is really a trip.....and a bad one at that! If you would have told me four or five years ago that I would rely so heavily upon this world wide web thing, I would have laughed at you and told you that I preferred the REAL world! Now the LOL is on me! I am a web addict and I admit it, now how will I get my computer back up and running? I hope that the Geek Squad will take pity on me and not clean out my meager bank balance, but I must have my computer back!

Since I have no idea if/when I will be saved, I am putting up the neat-o list for the week. I am sorry for the few ones I missed, believe me, I would have LOVED being connected so I could have written about them! I will add them to my featured shops as soon as I get back up and running. Meanwhile, please visit these fine shops and pray for a speedy, inexpensive fix for my laptop! The essential oils are completed now, so next time I post we will be looking at items you can use to make your home more spa like!

Monday- www.gaiatrovechicago.etsy.com Tuesday- www.crostini.etsy.com Wednesday- www.batfineart.etsy.com Thursday- www.abbadabbabags.etsy.com Friday- www.mixit.etsy.com Saturday- www.myrecordpurse.etsy.com Sunday- www.paperaffection.etsy.com


Suanne said...

hope your laptop gets fixed soon!

<3 PaperAffection

Dogonwear said...

Houston....Did you hear her???