I am Jazzed on Essential Oils

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-GINGER essential oil is a hot, spicy, and sweet fragrance.
While not an irritant, in high concentrations it can be. It is also slightly phototoxic, so avoid use on the face and neck, and on babies and children. make sure that you use a low dilution rate, no more than 1%.

-GRAPEFRUIT has a citrusy, floral, and fruity scent. Grapefruit should not be used while pregnant. It is generally nonirritating, however some people are sensitive, so use with caution.

-HYSSOP essential oil is a sweet, yet camphoraceous scent, with warm adn spicy notes.
This oil is moderately toxic due to the pinocamphone content and has caused a few reactions in some individuals, so use with caution. It should only be used in moderation. It should be avoided in pregnancy and by epileptics. It is also contraindicated in cases of high blood pressure.

-JASMINE has a very intense, rich, warm, floral scent with a tea-like undertone. ......
 its use during pregnancy is not recommended. Although generally a non-irritant, some people have reported allergic reactions.

-JUNIPER has a fresh, clear, slightly woody scent. ..... be avoided during pregnancy and by people with kidney problems ......

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