Gotta Love the Cirtus Essential Oils

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LEMON oil has a clean, citrus, sugary scent, with a bit of spice. .... It's use while pregnant is not recommended.

LEMON BALM is also a light, fresh citrusy scent........It should be use only if highly diluted, as it may cause sensitization and skin irritation.

-LEMON GRASS has a lemony, green, straw-like odor. ......
 This oil should be diluted and its use during pregnancy is not recommended. Some people may be sensitive or have skin irritation with its use.

-LIME has a citrussy, tart, sweet scent with some spice. .......It should not be used during preganancy or before sun exposure or tanning bed use.

-MANDARIN has a warm, citrussy, fruity, scent with a complex floral odor. ..... This oil may be photoxic, but the information is not decisive, so it is up to you to test.


tanyaa said...

The genus Citrus belongs to the Rutaceae or Rue family, sub-family Aurantoideae. This family contains 140 genera and 1300 species distributed throughout the world. Citrus oils, also called agrumen oils. It obtained from citrus fruits like bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, lime, mandarin and bitter orange.

Unique Garden said...

Thanks for the additional info! I think you must love the citrus oils too!