So What Saturday- the Bramble Berry SOAP Panel

I know that I don'd usually post on the weekends, but this special post deserves special attention. Something you all probably don't know, some of my soap, lotion and potion ingredients come all the way from the west coast. To be more precise, they come from my favorite supplier, Bramble Berry. Bramble Berry has a great reputation, not only for its quality supplies, but for excellent customer service, community and charity involvement, and product accountability.

One of the ways that they test their potential new scents is by the SOAP,  Soap Opinion (Awesome) Panel,  method. They send out eight unlabeled fragrance oils to a group of chosen panelists, and then base their decision to carry the product or not, based upon what the panalists report. For their part, the panalists agree to test the "secret" scents and report on how they react in various product formulations. As you may know, especially when making soap, fragrances can act differently in different products, and this is important information for the maker of those products. 

The big thing about this? Well, many, in fact I'd say MOST, supply companies do not know this information. Yes, That is what I said! Most companies do NOT know how their ingredient will act in different types of soaps, let alone other products. Most simply do not care enough to find out for themselves, let alone share that information with their customer base. But Bramble Berry does, and this SOAP panel thing that they frequently do, is one way that they find out this information. It allows them to know what their clients may like, and also allows them to confirm how the fragrance reacts in different product formulations, and all from unbiased testers. Of course this is not the only way that they decide what they will carry, but it is the most enjoyable way for us, the people who hope to be a part of that panel! 

To become a member of the SOAP panel, one must simply be chosen. And I would LOVE to be chosen! Before I found Bramble Berry I would never even have considered using anything but an essential oil to scent my products. But Bramble Berry knows there are people like me, and they send out samples with every order. So I kept smelling this wonderful fragrance that I received as a free sample. It is called Arabian Spice, and since Bramble Berry sends enough of a sample to actually use in something, I finally gave in and made a batch of soap with it. OM is all I can say. This is hands down, the best smelling stuff that has ever crossed your nose!

Well, maybe not the best, because I also received a sample of Berrywine  
fragrance, and I also made a batch of soap with it, and I LOVED it too! 
In fact, I loved it almost as much as I loved the Champagne,  Pink Grapefruit (EO), and orange (x10 esential oil) blend that I made! 

As I see it now, my largest problem is that I have looked through all the fragrance oils that Bramble Berry offers, and it seems that I want most of them! Yes, it seems that I am becoming a fragrance convert! 

Since I cant afford all of my "wants" right now, I am praying to be chosen for the newest SOAP panel, the Summer SOAP panel, so that I can satisfy this fragrance jonesing that I am going through! So PLEASE, please, please, help a person out, PICK ME! 

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