What's Happening Wednesday-Book Plans

What's Happening this Wednesday , well I want to share an interesting new project with you. As you probably know, I have a great interest in, and have studied extensively, Essential oils. As an herbalist and a RN, I have always been fascinated with, and believed in the holistic approach to medicines. I firmly believe in the mind/body connection, and have dedicated the vast majority of my studying to the use of  EO's in skin care and  aromatherapy. Of course I also make a good many other products, including cp soap.

CP soap is such a hot craft at this moment, with many new Artisans becoming addicted to the craft daily. As such, there are more and more people on the soap forums asking questions and seeking information about how to do such and so, especially the scenting of their soaps. Always one to encourage education, I am quick to point out that EO's are more than scent, and in fact, can be dangerous when misunderstood and/or misused. In fact, people using EO's without being educated about their indications and potential hazards has always been my greatest pet peeve.

Which leads me to my "What's Happening". After a suggestion from a friend of mine I began considering writing a book about EO's, then I received an email from someone else who had read this blog, and they also suggested that I write a book. So, guess what.......I am writing a book! I recently began a book on Essential oils and their properties, indications for use, and even some soaping notes. Right now I am also considering a section on blending and creating perfumes, but I will see where I am at after I have the basics that I want to cover down. After all, that may just be a second book!

Now, as for what else is going on this Wednesday, I have recently added a few new products to the Unique Garden Essences line. I just finished formulating a "Baby Body and Bum Cream" and a "Super Cream", which I started selling at the Chatfield college show April 30.  And, not too much before that, I created a new  Fragrance blend, called "Embrace".  Currently I have this fragrance in a batch of cp Soap, Spritzer, Roll-on Fragrance Oil and Hand and Body Lotion.

Embrace  is a pretty sexy, slightly sultry scent. It is difficult to describe, but has a tantalizing fragrance, one that  makes you long to Embrace the wearer! And, as a side note, the label is a picture from my Son's wedding on the beach!

The Super Cream  has lanolin in it, so, while it is not Vegan (sorry),  it is a very thick, very deeply moisturizing, extremely awesome cream! It is great for a night-time moisturizer, extra dry patches of skin, after sun care, or just any time you want to treat your tired, worn skin to a nice, cool  pick-me-up!

The Baby Body and Bum Cream  is perfect for any dry areas of skin and for the bum, in between diaper changes. Infused with chamomile and calendula, and with a tad of lavender added in there as well, this ointment is healing, but mild at the same time.  

Additionally, I now have 30 different scents of  Soap cured and ready for sale. The issue is that I have not had time to list them in my store front. Many were sold at the Chatfield show, but I still have plenty to list, and at least 10 more batches that will be fully cured  in the next two weeks!

So, as you can see, I have been staying pretty busy, and still have a lot more to do! Of course I am also still working on getting my website back up and running,  but I tend to put that at the bottom of my list since I have my domain pointed to the Etsy shop. Eventually I will get there I am sure, but for now, I am one busy bee!

Well, there you have it. Now that you know What is Up with me this Wednesday, tell me, what's up with you?  Let me know in comments, and if there is anything in specific that you would like to see included in my book, let me know that too. I am open to suggestions.

Of course tomorrow is Tripod Thursday, and I am leaning toward sharing some more Ohio scenery with you.
Then Friday we will continue on with our Exotic Oils series. Next up is Seabuckthorn Oil, so make sure you come back to find out all about this exciting oil! .


Julie said...

A big thumb up for writing a book on EO and their usage. A section on their use in soap would be fantastic since it is something often missing. Their use in anything else than only carrier oil is often missing (based on my few readings). I have a very limited knowledge of EO and I am often hesitant in their use because of it. When are you expecting your book to be published? Good luck!

Unique Garden said...

Thank you, I am encouraged by your comments about my book! I am working on including notes on their uses in products, but still have some decisions to be made about how specifically to do that. To include all that I want, I may need to break it down into a few editions. There are over 300 EO's afterall!

I have begun the writing though, and I do have it named and the cover art completed. As for when it will be finished, I really cant say. A lot will depend upon my health and life issues, but I am hopeful that I can have it completed by the end of summer, if not before. My hard deadline is actually the end of October, but I so want to finish well before then!

Thanks again for your comments and I will for sure let you al know when it is finished!