Teaching Tuesdays - Soaking in Info About Bathing

While bathing is a common occurrence, something that you have been doing since you were a baby, I will bet that there are things that you still do not know about bathing. Things that can help you to maximize the healing potential of your bathing!

For instance, did you know that the best time to take a bath was on an empty stomach? Or that you should you should drink plenty of water or herbal tea after a bath to replenish body fluids? And, if you experience light-headedness when bathing in hot water, add some salt to your bathwater and it will alleviate your discomfort.

Morning baths are primarily for relieving physical fatigue, stimulating the body, and eliminating toxins. They should be tonics and the ideal temperature [for a morning bath] is around 96.8 F/36 degrees C.

Baths intended to sooth muscles or joints after intense physical exertion or after an extremely stressful afternoon should be between 104 and 107 degrees F (40-42 degrees C).

Evening baths are meant to be relaxing, stress releasing, and in preparation for sleep. These baths should be between 98.6 and 102 degrees F (37-39 degrees C).

And after a bath you should always apply moisturizer after bathing, while the skin is still moist and warm. This allows the lotion to better penetrate the outer layer of the skin, giving you more protection.

For those special needs or just as a treat, try an aromatic herbal bath. The ceremony of bathing in herbs has become a daily rite in many cultures, as they mark a return to the source for the body and the spirit. Depending upon the blend, herbal baths can be detoxifying and aromatic, intensely physically relaxing, and even spiritually soothing.

The particular herb used, or the combination of herbs, is dependent upon what effects are desired. Do you want to soothe the skin, promote sleep, stimulate circulation, relieve muscle aches and pains, or simply enjoy an aromatic experience? Whatever the effect you are striving for, the concept remains same; you'll be drinking in the aroma while soaking in a giant cup of herbal tea!

To brew an herbal bath you can either;
-Toss several herbal tea bags (yes, the kind you drink, try some chamomile) directly into bath water. This is the easiest method.
-Fill a piece of cheesecloth or a muslin cloth or bag with herbs, then tie shut. Toss the bag into the tub, or hang it from the facet so that the water runs through it as it fills the tub. This is the better method for a therapeutic experience, and is the method that I will be giving recipes for in my next post!

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