Teaching Tuesdays - Soap

It has been storming here all night, and the electricity has been on and off a few times, so I am going to make this short and sweet. I will post the "Teaching" Tuesday post tomorrow, and do the "What's Happening" Post today. Sorry! 

The book is coming along, slowly, but surely. This is the time of year when I begin to prepare for the holiday season. I send my items to Christmas at the cabin the beginning of October, so now is when I start making melting snowmen, glass bulb snowmen faces w/ hats, ornaments, and soap. I also need to do wine and beer soaps, as well as wine charms, to prepare for my 3rd year at the wine festival down in West Virginia. That is always Gully Fest weekend, it's busy but a lot of fun! There are dancers, bands, wine stomping and lots of wine and great food! It is a ton of hard work, but its an enjoyable hard work!

I am still taking questions about essential oils [to answer in my book], so feel free to ask away! 

Be sure to tune back in tomorrow for What's Happening Wednesday is Really Teaching Tuesday! 

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