What's Happening Wednesday-Herbs and Writing

What's Happening Wednesday? 

I am not sure where you are located, but here in the Buckeye state, the humidity is high and the heat is even higher. July is really resembling August, with several air advisories, and the kind of havoc that only the dog days of summer can create in the garden. Plants are suffering greatly in this heat, so production has been low thus far. This rosemary though, looks none the worse for the wear, so it was off the stem and into the food dehydrator, yippee!

After several hours, the rosemary is ready to be stored in a jar until it is needed for a bath soak or an herbal infusion. In the middle of winter, the house will smell just like the garden, when I pull out herbs to create wonderful blends for balms, soaps and bath blends.

Aside from tending to the herbal pots, this Wednesday will find me in front of the air-conditioner, working on my essential oil book. I am really trying to get it finished for a Fall publishing date, so it is a great excuse for being a cool air hog! Lol 

Whatever you are up to this Wednesday, I hope that you can stay cool while doing it!  

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