Make it Yourself Monday- Body Butter

Sorry for the delay in posting, for some reason the timer deal is not working again. Anyway, it's still Monday, so here we go! This recipe is for a type of balm, a body butter, or heel and elbow cream if you will. While this is not the recipe I use, should you decide to purchase instead of making it yourself, this is a great version of heel and elbow cream, and one I occasionally make for friends and family. If you are Vegan you will not want to use this recipe (but you can still buy the one in my shop) because it utilizes lanolin. Lanolin comes from sheep (they are not harmed in its gathering) and is what protects and water proofs them. So it makes sense that it is good for our skin too. If you have seriously dry and/or cracked heels, apply generous amounts to your feet before bed, and cover with some footies or socks.  Then just go to bed and let it do its thing. By morning you will see a huge difference!

Of course this butter is good for your skin everywhere, so use it on any dry or cracked area, or just use it for regular maintenance and skin softening. And feel free to use your favorite essential oil or EO blend.

You will need;
4oz Lanolin
2 oz Shea Butter
1 1/4 oz Avocado Oil
3 caps Vitamin E
1 1/2 oz Glycerin

Put the lanolin and the shea butter into a microwave safe container, and heat it, using short time bursts, until it is melted. You want to melt it without boiling it, so set it for 45 seconds or so, stir, and repeat until it is all melted. Generally this takes about 2 minutes. Once melted, stir in the remaining ingredients. Leave the Vitamin E for last. Puncture 3 gel tabs and put the oil into your mixture. Stir well then pour into a tin or jar. Once it sets up completely (after it is completely cooled), try it out. If you like yours to be more stiff/hard, you can add in some cocoa butter. Start out by adding 1 oz to this recipe and test from there until it is to your liking. If you like yours thinner, add some more oil. You can also exchange the avocado oil for an oil of your choosing. I prefer to use the avocado oil or some hemp, or olive oil for their skin-loving properties, but really it is a matter of personal preference.
Also, according to personal preference, you may add an EO or an EO blend. I am very partial to lavender for its calming, centering and relaxing qualities, especially since I like to apply my butter at night. Of course this is great to use any time of day and with any skin safe EO or EO blend. SO have fun experimenting! Just make sure that you don't use over  1/2 oz of EO, and with some, you may even need less. Always error on the side of too little, rather than too much. And if it is a new EO to you, use the patch test before applying to a large area of skin.

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