What's Up Wednesday-Spring Soaps

Spring is almost upon us, so naturally my thoughts are toward soaps made, and soaps that still need to be made for the Spring and the Summer. I also have begun taking and re-taking product photographs. Small business owners really need to wear many different hats, and the ones that we generally care for the least, are the ones that we often need the most. This year I have dedicated myself to perfecting some of my "least cared for" hats. While I actually love photography, product photography has never been one of my strong suits. I have to say though, that I have improved over the years. So, with the new web site in the works, I decided new pictures need to also be in the works. So far, I only have ten soaps photographed, but it is a start!

Currently I have Mediterranean Flowering Spa, A citrus, ginger, chamomile Dead Sea Mud, Flowering Grapefruit, Embrace, Herbal Koala, Awaken, Blue Rose, Red Tea, White Tea and Ginger, and Pear Berry soaps photographed.

On the schedule for soaping this month? A salt bar, which will likely be a lavender and eucalyptus blend...some type of rain and/or sea soap..... embrace, because I think I only have two bars left.... some fruits, such as orange, kumquat, lemon or lemon lime....and a few herbs, lavender for sure, and maybe some lemon grass and thyme or rosemary. Of course I am still working on liquid soap and I also will be doing a whipped soap this month.

I just completed three solid fragrance sticks this past week. The scents were Daisies, Embrace and White Tea and Ginger. I now have some tins coming in, and when they arrive I will be pouring body balms or solid lotion in them, to go along with the solid lotions in the twist up tubes and the ones that I made into bars. While I love the twist up tubes (think deodorant type) for the solid lotion, many have requested the tins. So, tins are on their way!

Tomorrow's Tripod post will be of the soaps that I spoke about and photographed today. So come on back and check them out!

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