Tripod Thursday- Soap and More

Having been out of town Wednesday, this week I am doing a two in one day! Lol So the What's Up Wednesday subject is also what the Tripod Thursday pictorial is all about. What is that? Well, soaping of course lol. Actually, not to be too boring, I have also begun stocking up on other bath and body items, in preparation for my first Spring show, the Chatfield college Quilt and Craft show. This will be either my fifth or sixth year there, and I truly enjoy this show. The campus is set on a back country road, down a long, tree lined lane, just past a small pond. It is truly a gem, and I would think that anyone attending there would have a difficult time studying or paying attention to a lecture, when out those big windows is such a peaceful and serene view. But as far as places I would love to go to for a craft show, what a peach is all I can say!

Anyway, so far this week I have poured some solid lotion bars into tins, made some bath melts, and, of course I have also made a few new soaps. In between batches of these things, I was also busy listing soap on a relatively new web site, called Artful Vision.  This site is a bit different than the normal shopping and vendor sites, because at this one, the Artisan that you purchase from contributes 20% of each and every sale to a charity. A charity that is chosen (from several) by  the consumer. Each is a large, well known charitable organization, and the interests are varied. So I think that anyone can find something that they would like to contribute to from the choices offered, and it provides an easy way to do just that! I really hope that you all will spread the word about this site, and head there to check it out yourself!

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