What's Up Wednesday-More Soaps

This week has been pretty warm here in the Buckeye state, which has led to some Spring time restlessness. So this week I have been cleaning out the craft room, organizing drawers, or I should say, re-organizing, taking product photographs, and making soap. I actually have been attempting a new swirling technique that I had in my head. I have to admit that so far, it looked way better in my head than in real life! In fact, it hasn't looked like anything in real life. So I think I might have to give up on this one and just move on along! Lol
This week I made a Lime and Kumquat soap and some Restless Rain. They both smell great, even if they don't look exactly how I envisioned them.

This is Restless Rain

And this one Lime and Kumquat, maybe limekuat? lol

And these are the two previous, Amber nights is on the right and karma on the left. The amber nights is a deep, deep purple, two different shades. But I wanted a lighter one than I ended up with thanks to a heavy hand with the colorants as the batter was setting up very fast.

Coming up the rest of this week, more cleaning and organizing and more soaping of course. I am thinking that a nice oceany type and maybe a salt soap with eucalyptus, or a lavender eucalyptus blend, should be on the list for the end of this week.  Guess you'll find out next week!

Happy hump day to you, hope yours is full of sunshine and warmth! Come back tomorrow to see what pictures will be shared on Tripod Thursday. Friday will be all about Mango Butter, so be sure to come on back to check out, Feelin' it Friday!

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