Teaching Tuesday-Cats and Aromatherapy

Just one thing for today, but it is an important one. I have learned that my belief that cats should not be exposed to essential oils, due to an enzyme they lack, is not a truth! Several years back a customer berated me for not having a warning on my "pet spray" that pointed out that it should not be used in cat beds, or on cats. At that time I was a dog Mommy, so it never occurred to me that my product would be considered for cats. In the description I even said "dogs" several times, but I did say "pet beds" as well. So I quickly looked up information from the ASPCA and other sites I found across the internet. Like a dummy, I never looked at it again, as I took it as gospel. I never fully researched the issue. Well, now get your cameras ready, yep I am going to say it..........I WAS WRONG! Yes, I was wrong and you now have proof, Lol!

This incident point out several problems, and I am really ashamed that I fell into this trap. I have preached about researching everything yourself many times, yet I failed to do this myself. I actually had not even thought of this since the time I posted the cat information, years back. Normally I would tell everyone to check the scientific studies, scientific publications, and known experts before believing anything about an essential oil or herb. I guess that I looked at the ASPCA as an expert, when in fact, they are not experts in essential oils, and have likely just read a lot of the same crud that many of us have! So now that I have berated myself and know where I went wrong, time to correct the problem!

We can begin by looking at an expert in the field of essential oils, Robert Tisserand. Check out this article; http://roberttisserand.com/2011/06/cats-essential-oil-safety/  Some of the comments on his site (from readers, not from him) advocate applying neat oils to cats for various problems. I do NOT recommend any of these treatments, as I believe that safe is better than sorry any day. I would steer clear of neat applications all together, unless I was consulting a trained professional. There are more and more trained professionals these days, making it is relatively easy to locate holistic Veterinarians in most cities across the country.

Just as an aside, there is a comment on this article from someone implying that one particular brand has high grade, pure essential oils. This is a crock and was not addressed by the author because, in my opinion, he did not want to evoke a back and forth argument that person. In my experience, these believers are like dogs with bones, they don't like to allow anything to drop without hashing it to death, and they never change their minds, no matter what proof you offer to support your position. Unfortunately, people from this group appear to be quite indoctrinated and dogmatic. Be wary of of any site or any person that insists they have the "only" pure, great whatever. While I certainly think that my products are the best, I would never assert that they are the only ones that will provide relief or whatever. There is not one company that provides the only true, the only pure essential oil. Anyone who says differently is misinformed, and has simply not done the research for themselves.

That being said, follow the references posted after the Tisserand post, read what he based his post on. Then try doing a search of scientific publications on your own.  You may be amazed at what you can ferret out! But the greatest thing that we all need to do, is to stop perpetuating non-truths!

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