Make it Yourself Monday-Foot Wash and Foot Mask

The warm weather is upon us, and that means it's time for the feet to be exposed. Whether bare, in open-toed shoes, or in sandals, your feet are sure to be on display. This means that it is time to pay a bit of attention to your hard working feet. These easy recipes will not only get your feet looking nice, but they will make you feel great! 


You will need 
1/2 cup of dried lavender flower buds 
1/2 cup of fresh sage,  finely chopped 
2 cups of water (I like to use Spring water or distilled)
8 drops Bulgarian lavender essential oil 

Pour the water into a pan and add the lavender and sage, cover and simmer over  low heat for 20 minutes. When the time is up, strain the infusion through cheesecloth, toss the solids, and allow the liquid to cool. Once it's cooled, add the essential oil and stir well. It is now ready. Use this to pat onto or pour over your feet (also great to use on the hands too). You can repeat as frequently as you like. This recipe is great for relieving tired, swollen, achy, and red  feet.  

If you'd rather a bath than a splash, use 2 cups of fresh lavender or 1 cup of dried lavender. Steep the lavender in 2 gallons of boiling water for 20 minutes, then strain the liquid and toss the plant material when the time is up. Allow it to cool slightly, then place the liquid into a foot tub and soak your feet for 20 minutes, then pat dry and don't forget to moisturize. 

Foot soaks are easy to prepare and are ideal for sore, tired and/or swollen feet. A foot soak is a great way to pamper yourself. It doesn't cost a lot, yet it is of great benefit and truly makes you feel renewed.  You can use other herbs besides lavender if you wish, or a combination of herbs. Try using comfrey, elderberry, pine, rosemary, chamomile or sage.


You will need;
1/2 cup (powdered) green clay
1/2 cup Spring or Distilled water

This recipe pulls impurities from the skin, restores minerals (directly into the skin), and gently exfoliates at the same time. Since clay is also an effective heat conductor, this treatment is also very soothing and effective as a muscle relaxing treatment for tired, aching feet. To get the most out of the treatment, make sure that you use the green clay and do not substitute another. The green clay is especially rich in magnesium and silica, is highly absorbent, and makes a good deodorant. 

To make it, simply mix the green clay with the water. You don't need to use all the water, and may not need too. You just need a paste consistency. Try for a medium thickness, one that is easily spread while not too thin and watery. Coat your feet with the clay paste and allow it to dry, then rinse your feet clean with warm water, pat dry, and moisturize. 

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