What to Make Wednesday- Creamy Fragrance Balm

Have you ever fallen in love with a scent but hated the price of it? Well you can easily make your own perfume for a lot less than the store bought ones, and you will know every ingredient!

All you need is;
1 ounce castor oil
0.1666 oz. beeswax, the white is best for this (this is about 1 teaspoon if your scale doesn't go this low)
And the fragrance oil or essential oil(s) of your choice. Make sure that they are skin safe, no potpourri oils or others that don't specifically state that they are skin safe. And then, make sure that you only use the appropriate amount that is recommended or you will run the risk of it damaging your skin. The supplier usually posts or will provide this amount when asked.

Just dissolve the beeswax with the castor oil. Most people use a double boiler, which will ensure that you do not burn the mixture, but I like to live dangerously and heat it in a pan, over a low setting. If you choose to live it up, just be cautious! Once it's completely melted, remove it from the heat and stir it. Allow it to cool a bit (but not so much that it begins to skin over) and then add in the fragrance or essential oil(s) and stir well. Pour into a jar and allow it to set up. If you want to use a twist up tube dispenser you may need to add a tad more beeswax. Try it this way and then remelt and add a bit of beeswax if you need too. If you want yours creamier, add a tad more oil. Simple! Then enjoy your solid perfume! This is so economical that you can make a different one for every day of the month!

And how's this for versatility? If you'd rather have a lip balm, you can use the same recipe and just add a lip safe essential oil, fragrance oil, or flavored oil. Just make sure that you only use a lip safe one. Most body safe oils are not also lip safe, so it specifically must say that it is lip safe!

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