Make it Yourself Monday- Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

My Mom visited the hair salon recently, and she was told that she needed a deep oil treatment for her hair. So naturally she asked me to concoct one for her. It turned out so nicely, I thought that I'd share it with you all.

I used;
1 part jojoba oil
1/2 part meadowfoam seed oil
1/4 part wheat germ oil
1/2 part coconut oil
1 part avocado oil
I also used
6 drops rosemary essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil in about 3 1/4 ounces of oils.

I had her heat all the oils together and, after the coconut oil was melted, rub this mixture into her newly washed and towel dried hair. She then put a shower cap on it and sat for ten to fifteen minutes. Then she washed her hair again. It really did the trick, conditioning her hair and rejuvenating it! While I think she needs another one next week, her hair was very damaged. If yours is not, just once a month I would think will do the job for keeping your hair conditioned throughout the long, hot summer!

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