What's Workin' Wednesday-Products Not in the Shop

I have many products that have yet to make their way to my Etsy store front. Of those, there are at least 50 soap batches and probably a good 8 to 10 other products waiting for me to find the time to add. I have the products already made, in fact, most have been staples in my inventory for years, but right now they only get sold to the people who know about them and to those who visit with me in person. So today I would like to share a few of these lessor known products with you.

Now this first one is actually already in the Unique Garden Essences store front, but it was recently reformulated and renamed, so here it is. It is a facial/eye serum that I have named "Go Away". Go away is a blend of of vegetable and plant oils, including meadowfoam, sea buckthorn, jojoba and others. Each ingredient, including the proprietary essential oil blend, has been chosen for the properties it will contribute to the blend. A little of this oil in your daily facial care regimen and I believe that you will soon detect a noticeable, healthy difference in your skin tone. These oils are purported to not only rejuvenate the skin, but to regenerate damaged skin cells, and decrease the signs of aging.

This next product is such a fun and kitschy one. I began making them because I enjoyed them myself, but I was basically coerced into continuing to make them and to offer them for sale in the shop by several of my friends and long term clients.  What am I talking about?
The cupcake bath bomb, of course! Look how cute they turn out! The sprinkles are actually tiny jojoba beads. They come in a multitude of colors and really look like the candies used to decorate the edible cupcakes!
I can't tell you how many people  thought they hit the jackpot, at my last craft show, when the afternoon hunger pains set in! Lol

The next product I'd like to introduce to you is one of my favorites. Why? Because I originally made it for a friends' grandson, and later for my own!  It is Baby Bum and Body Balm. This balm is herbal infused greatness that is equally wonderful for chapped, reddened faces as it is for the private area, in between diaper changes. In fact, this balm is perfect for all sensitive skin, even when you aren't a baby! 

And the final product for today's What's Workin' Wednesday is an Air Diffuser.
This cute, 6 oz. diffuser is cut glass. The cork seal has a shrink band to keep it secure in transit. Once home and ready to use, all that you need to do is to remove the cork, place the reeds into the bottle, and find a nice place to set it, where its beauty will add to your decor. The fragrances can be colored or left clear, and the scents are as varied as the minutes of the day. While I usually take a few different fragrances to a show, these can be ordered in just about any scent desired. Packaged nicely, these also make great gifts! 
There are some more products for me to show you, but we will look at those next week. There will be solid perfumes, lotions, body mousse, whipped shea and more to look forward too!  Even a whipped soap, including a shaving soap for Dads, Hubbies and Gals alike! All next What's Workin' Wednesday

Before you go  take a look at these recently completed (special ordered) gift sets.  Made in a variety of styles and price ranges, they are always fun to work on and even more fun to watch the recipient open! 

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