What's Working Wednesday- Gift Sets

Hi everyone! Can you believe it is already hump day? We are almost to the long weekend that symbolizes the end of Summer and the beginning of the Craft and Holiday season. Time sure flies!

I recently came across some interesting boxes with a magnetic tab closure. The boxes looked large enough for two bars of soap, so I bought a few to try. They do hold two bars quite nicely, and I have had a blast decorating the fronts. So far I have made a Whispering Willow and Whispering Willow Rain box set, an Autumn Apples and Pumpkin Lager box set, and a Baby set that contains a lavender sachet, a bar of goat milk soap, a soap deck and a tin of Baby Bum and Body Balm. I have two other boxes with floral decorations that are just awaiting soap. I will be taking these to the Wine Festival (in Summersville, WV) in a couple of weeks. If they go well I will be making some more.

The curing rack is now holding some recently made soaps in preparation for the Wine festival, the Herb festival, and the opening of the Christmas Cabin. Pretty soon Chardonnay, Cabernet Vineyard, Currant Tea, Jasmine Nights Tea, Sea Spray, Clover Fields with Aloe, and Wild Berries and Herbs will be joining the sales racks! Additionally, I have some lovely sachets in Linen, Lavender Kissed Linen,  Sugared Chestnuts, Daisies and Jasmine Nights Tea. I also have 30 of the 50 Diffuser Bottles filled. So far I have made Linen, Lavender and Chamomile Kissed Linen, Apple Butter, Autumn Apples, and Candy Cane. I plan on doing the rest in Gingerbread, Christmas Berries and some type of Pine or wintry forest. I won't really know what it is until I finish creating it! Lol

Well I have tried to add photographs of the items listed here and for some reason blogger isn't cooperating today. I will keep trying though, so check back. If I can't get them added, then I will put them into a slide show for tomorrow's post.
For now though, I need to get back to work. I am making Christmas Bulb earrings and have about six pairs left to get finished. So as I sit sweating, I am thinking about snow and hoho!


Brian G said...

We love your products but are unable to find and info on ordering more!

Unique Garden said...

Hi Brian, Thak you so much for the kind comment!
You can find a few products at uniquegardenessences.com
I am currently building a new web site so the domain is pointed to an Etsy shop. Since I have about 100 batches of soap right now, you will only find a representation on etsy. If there is something specific you are looking for, you may either email me at uniquegardenbathandbody@gmail.com or you can use Etsy's message to seller link. I have a wide assortment of salves, balms, lotions, oils, and bath products, so feel free to contact me!